Performing Naked?

May 24, 2011

We did it! What was a horrible drunk idea by me one night after an awful open mic, came to fruition in one of the greatest nights in Las Vegas Comedy History! About three months ago Booya and I were sitting at the bar and I said we should have a Comedy Slumber Party and from the moment on Booya worked his ass of and made it happen. If you have never been to Boomers it is a little shitty...

A Day of Anger Management

May 16, 2011

Have you ever been to Anger Management class… because you are a good person. I am also a good person but I got a little angry with a douche bartender, 3 butch lesbians, and 5 security guards at the El Cortez hotel in Las Vegas. That is a blog for another time. The result of that night was a night in Jail, 6 months of probation, and a 8 hour anger management class on a Saturday. So in the heart...

what is it like to date a porn star?

May 16, 2011

Have you ever wondered what it is like to date a porn star? Well I have no idea… Because who in there right mind would date a porn star? I do know what its like to meet a porn star at a show and then have one of the weirdest nights of my life.. would you like to hear about it? I thought you would. It was a Friday night and the night was crazy from the very beginning, I...